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Strategy, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Our research teams focus on understanding key challenges that are essential to help companies and society prepare for the world of tomorrow.

From understanding why new businesses are created to the management implications of a low-carbon future, our research is at the forefront of rapidly changing sectors such as digital health, well-being or digital entertainment.

Our research teams provide individuals, companies and society with the expertise they need to adapt to today's fast-changing world. 

Staying a step ahead

  • Understanding emerging business models in new ecosystems
  • Opening new paths towards an energy efficient future
  • Reinforcing entrepreneurship and the growth of new ventures in order to provide cutting-edge information to help guide entrepreneurs.


The implementation of complex business models

16 December 2015
Ryan Rumble,PhD student, and Vincent Mangematin, scientific director of research, are members of the Business Models and Strategy research team. In this article they reveal how business models are adopted in practice, and explored the relationship between business model complexity and implementation.

Book : Making Innovation Last

08 December 2015
« Unlike any book in our fields, this book is explicitly cross disciplinary even as it focuses on innovation streams over time… I could not recommend this book more highly; it has the potential to be a landmark contribution” Michael L. Tushman, professor at Harvard Business School.
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