Strategy, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Our research teams focus on understanding key challenges that are essential to help companies and society prepare for the world of tomorrow.

From understanding why new businesses are created to the management implications of a low-carbon future, our research is at the forefront of rapidly changing sectors such as digital health, well-being or digital entertainment.

Our research teams provide individuals, companies and society with the expertise they need to adapt to today's fast-changing world. 

Staying a step ahead

  • Understanding emerging business models in new ecosystems
  • Opening new paths towards an energy efficient future
  • Reinforcing entrepreneurship and the growth of new ventures in order to provide cutting-edge information to help guide entrepreneurs.



  • 30 Nov

    Making urban living sustainable

    Sustainable solutions have become crucial, but their disruptive nature remains a major barrier to their implementation. In this article, Caroline Gauthier, researcher from the Business Models Strategy team, and Bettina Gilomen, consultant in...

  • 17 Mar

    Orchestrating Innovation with User Communities in the Creative Industries

    In search of continuous innovation, the digital creative industries have expanded their interactions with user communities to develop their products. This study highlights the evolution of these company-user relationships that allow for fluid...