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Rules and Regulations Photo Competition - GEM September Intake 2018

Article 1: Organising Enterprise Grenoble Ecole De Management

EESC Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM)
12, rue Pierre-Sémard 38000 GRENOBLE N° SIRET : 817 389 141 00018
Also known as : GEM
Represented by its Dean and Director, Loïck Roche

Is organising on Instagram a photo competition with photos of GEM students and employees during the September intake 2018. The competition will start on the 28th August 2018 and end on the 21st October 2018.

Article 2: Participants

This competition is free of charge, with no obligation of purchase and open to GEM students and GEM employees.

Article 3: Rules For Participating

Participants will need to subscribe to the Instagram account of GRENOBLE ECOLE DE MANAGEMENT (@grenoble_em), to publish a photo with the #ActThink Impact GEM tote bag, and to add the hashtag : #ActThinkDiscover.

Participation will be open from August 28th 2018 until October 21st 2018.

The photos which will have the most « Likes » by the 21st October 2018 at 11 PM will win the prize. There will be one winner per campus among students (GEM Grenoble Campus, GEM Paris campus, GEM Berlin Campus, GEM Singapore Campus) and one winner among GEM employees.

Article 4: Participation Limits

Participation is not limited to the number of proposals by one person (same last name, same first name and address). Photos that do not meet common decency will not be taken into account.

The Organizing Enterprise gives itself the right to check that the winners have participated to the competition respecting the rules and regulations. Participants will be disqualified if they have not met the rules and regulations. This means, that participants must accept all checks regarding their identity, age, postal address, loyalty and honesty in their participation. All false declaration, false identity or false address will lead to the immediate exclusion from the competition.

Article 5: One Winner Per Household

There can only be one winner per household (same name and same postal address).

Article 6: The Prizes

The prizes offered to the winners cannot lead to any form of dispute, nor can it be exchanged, or replaced by money or any other form of any other value, for any reason, unless there is a specific arrangement exclusively made with GRENOBLE ECOLE DE MANAGEMENT.

Article 7: Details About The Prizes

The prizes are:

5x 100 euros (TTC) Amazon gift cards

Article 8: Handing Out The Prize

 The winner will be informed at 11.30 PM on the 22nd October: A private message will be sent on the Instagram app from the official Instagram account of GRENOBLE ECOLE DE MANAGEMENT (@grenoble_em) inviting the winner to communicate his or her Last name, First Name and GEM email address. The prize will be sent by email directly to the winner on his or her GEM email address. If the winner does not want to take possession of the prize, the winner will not be allowed to have any other compensation of any sort.

Article 9: Dispute Over The Competition

All dispute or disagreement will need to be addressed by written letter to the organizer of the competition (contact details are detailed in article 1). This letter will need to specify the date of the participation to the competition, full contact details of the participant and the reasons for the dispute. Other from the letter, no other means of communicating the disagreement will be accepted.

Article 10: Accepting The Rules And Regulations

Participation automatically leads to:

  • Accepting with no restrictions the present rules and regulations
  • The final decision comes down to GRENOBLE ECOLE DE MANAGEMENT for all contestations relative to the interpretation and application of the present RULES AND REGULATIONS, and all contestations relative to the organization conditions, the proceedings of the competition, its results and the hand-over of the prizes.

This competition is not managed or sponsored by Instagram. The information you communicate are used only by GRENOBLE ECOLE DE MANAGEMENT and not by Instagram.

Article 11: Autorisation // Right To Image And Copyright

Participants recognize and accept that the photos taken for the GEM September Intake 2018 photo competition are destined to be given to GRENOBLE ECOLE DE MANAGEMENT.


  • (1) Declare to authorize GRENOBLE ECOLE DE MANAGEMENT to reproduce and represent the fixation of their service on photos within the framework of the GEM September Intake 2018 photo competition and for the supports and uses defined in this article.
  •  (2) Authorize GRENOBLE ECOLE DE MANAGEMENT to use the photos for internal use and external use on the internet, on social media accounts of GRENOBLE ECOLE DE MANAGEMENT (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Viadeo, Google+).

 It is understood that in the case that GRENOBLE ECOLE DE MANAGEMENT was to use the photos in such conditions that are not stated above, in the present article, GRENOBLE ECOLE DE MANAGEMENT and the participants will get together to formalize copyright procedures.

Article 12: Garanty

Participants declare to have received by all persons involved and implicated directly or indirectly, in the realization of the photo, their approval to its usage, reproduction and use of photos by GRENOBLE ECOLE DE MANAGEMENT within the context of the GEM September Intake 2018 photo competition and for other usage specified in this present article.

Article 13: Adaptation

GRENOBLE ECOLE DE MANAGEMENT can freely adapt, modify, add to, or remove from any photo what it deems necessary or useful, such as most notably a slogan, colorization or resizing.

Article 14: Rule And Regulations On Competition Modifications

The organizer has the right to modify, prolong, suspend or cancel the competition with no notice, especially in the case of emergency. The organizer will not be considered responsible and no compensation can be asked by the participants. In case of an emergency, amendments, and modifications to this RULES AND REGULATIONS document can be made, and published and will be considered as additional components to this present document.

Article 15: Limits To Responsability

The organizer will not be held responsible for events that it is not accountable for, notably the possible delay in providing the prize, or in the advent of an emergency which could perturb, modify or cancel the present RULES AND REGULATIONS.

Article 16: Availabily And Consultation Of The Rules And Regulations

The present RULES AND REGULATIONS document is available on this website 

Updated on 03 September 2018 at 10h46 am