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Research projects

The ISS Team is involved in the following projects:

STREAM - Smart Tools for Railway work safety and performAnce iMprovement

Funding scheme: Shift2Rail
Primary contact: Stéphanie Gauttier, STREAM Ethical Manager and Tasks Leader
Duration: DEC 2020 – JUNE 2023
Partners: 7 partners from 5 countries
Short description: STREAM partners develop exoskeletons and robots to be used for railway maintenance. GEM investigates the ethical issues that can arise during the use of these devices and the factors of acceptation and rejection of the STREAM devices.

ReMO - Researcher Mental Health Observatory

Funding scheme: COST
Primary contact: Stéphanie Gauttier, Vice-Chair of the Action
Duration: SEPT 2020 – SEPT 2024
Partners: 32 countries
Short description: ReMO aims at gathering evidence on the prevalence of mental health issues in academia and related best practices, in order to foster policies for academic environments which foster well-being. Digital tools are used in order to analyse how individual researchers relate to mental health (social network analyses).

OSCAR - Online, open learning recommendations and mentoring towards Sustainable research CAReers

Funding Scheme: Erasmus+
Primary Contact: Stéphanie Gauttier, Associated MCAA Researcher
Duration: SEPT 2020 – AUG 2023
Partners: 5 partners from 5 countries
Short description: OSCAR aims at the development of a AI-based training platform for learners so that learners can get personalized curricula and reach their learning goals. The ethics of the system and the role of mentoring in training are central to our involvement in the project.

AI-bility: Cultivating AI Awareness in Schoolchildren

Funding Scheme: Erasmus+ KA220-HED-3D4CED9F
Primary Contact: Isabella Seeber
Duration: NOV 2021 - NOV 2023
Partners: University of Münster, University of Liechtenstein
Short description: The AI-bility project aims under understanding how schoolchildren (11-13yrs) use conversational AI (e.g., voice assistants, robots) as learning tools or companions.
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