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Research areas

Ethical AI and bots

Human Augmentation (contact: Stéphanie Gauttier)
Devices that enable humans to go beyond the abilities of their bodies are more and more available to individuals, including at work. However, their use questions the nature of human identiy, the meaning of our experiences with technology, and the nature of the way we relate to the world. We research how such technologies are perceived and experienced, and the new relations to the world that they create.
Algorithmic Bias (contact: Clara Jean)
Online platforms increasingly rely on algorithms to perform information management, the purpose of this research is therefore to investigate and understand the drivers of algorithmic decision making through the use of field experiment.
Conversational AI (contact: Isabella SeeberJoaquin Rodriguez)
The purpose of this research is to understand how people (information workers, children) respond to conversational AI in knolwedge-intensive environments.

Digital platforms

Value-creation with digital platforms (contact: Joaquin Rodriguez)
Millions of firms (i.e., complementors) compete within digital platforms, such as third-party sellers on, restaurants on UberEats, or developers on iOS. This research investigates how complementors can achieve sustainable competitive advantage when competing within digital platforms. 
Innovation selection platforms (contact: Isabella Seeber)
The purpose of this research is to support raters in selecting the best idea(s) after an innovation contest by studying the effects of user interface elements on human decision and information processing behavior.
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