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Political Economy & Sustainable Competitiveness

The Political Economy & Sustainable Competitiveness Initiative integrates a number of inter-disciplinary angles into the research of its members and the affiliated network. Grounded in social sciences and philosophy, the Initiative investigates through action research, the underpinnings of economic development, political sciences, political economy and economic theory and modelling.

The Political Economy & Sustainable Competitiveness Initiative is affiliated to the Cambridge Centre for Economic and Public Policy in the UK (represented by all the members of the Initiative), and to the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at Harvard Business School, where the lead of the Initiative is an appointed member of its governance.

The core understanding of the mechanisms that lead to the creation of balanced socio-economic systems and the evolution of the levels of standards of living and prosperity leads the underlying research questions of the Initiative.

The outreach is supported by actual projects with large stakeholders and constituencies like the supranational entities and organizations, where the Initiative is actively engaged.

Additional to the core research, the merge of the Lab-Center for Competitiveness under the umbrella of the Initiative, reinforces, through 13 appointed Fellows, the pioneering research on clusters, cluster policy and economic geography in its most classic role of regional and territorial economies.

Finally, the Initiative integrates imperatives and prerogatives of sustainable development, more from a statement of the problem orientation than a specific environmental lens. The foundations of the western heritage of the ethical discourse shape the intellectual moulding of the Initiative, which honours, advocates and represents the best academic practices of the European social market theory and models.