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PhD Research

Our relatively new (2009) PhD program is designed to prepare researchers for a career in academia or at a research institute, with a focus on topics tied to innovation & technology management and entrepreneurship. Our full-time PhD program is designed according to the North American model: First, PhD students follow two years of classes based on a curriculum focused on providing a broad set of methodological and theoretical skills. The last two years of the program are dedicated to research and gaining teaching experience.  

Our PhD students are involved very early on in research. From day one, PhD students are part of a research team and start working on research projects with faculty members. They have access to many resources which include courses, workshops and seminars held by faculty and visiting experts as well as resources available when they visit other academic institutions. 

As students immerse themselves in the program, they gain independence in their research work and develop their own publication record and research network. PhD theses at Grenoble Ecole de Management follow the “3-paper” model. The dissertation consists of three independent but related academic papers. Most of our students publish papers in top international academic journals during their PhD. This ensures that our graduates receive the best possible preparation for their future careers in academic research. In addition, such publications increase their attractiveness on the academic job market.


Startups: How to Test Your Business Model?

26 April 2018
comment tester votre business model
Defining the right business model for an innovative product or service is essential to its success. Experimentation proves to be a useful tool for innovative startups to find the right model.
Updated on 11 January 2021 at 10h13 am