Health & well-being

The Health Sector Redefines Its Frontiers

Well-being, nutrition, security, ecosystems, interconnectedness...
Research at Grenoble Ecole de Management aims to provide insights into the latest evolutions in business and society.

Up until recently, the pharmaceutical industry was the primary focal point for the health sector. However, recent changes have created a new ecosystem where players such as telephone companies, food industrials, sports specialists and private insurance companies all have a role to play. Our researchers are working to understand the roles, hierarchies and business models created by this evolution.

Understanding a new ecosystem

Whether it's to upload data while jogging, use telemedicine services through our phone operators or reinvent preventive insurance coverage, many companies are exploring new ways to participate in and lead this health ecosystem.

Our researchers are studying this evolution in order to better understand topics such as how new ecosystems emerge, which players are leading the way, what new business models are being created, and what strategies are being implemented to gain market shares.

Vincent Mangematin