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Chair for Public Trust in Health

The purpose of the chair is to examine trust at both the organizational and institutional level. We explore how the public at large develops trust over time by looking at the construction, degradation, and repair of trust involving multiple audiences.

The main focus of research conducted by the Chair is on the health field, a societal domain in which the issue of public trust is of particular importance. In doing so, the Chair brings together researchers from organization studies, sociology, and social history to gain a deeper understanding of how organizations are perceived as trustworthy in a social system marked by multiple audiences, rules, norms, and values.

Working Areas

Work within the Chair for Public Trust in Health is organized in three domains: The first domain deals with social dynamics of public trust in health, studying the long-term development of trust and legitimacy in the pharmaceutical industry, specifically with regard to the recent development of immuno-oncology and its introduction to doctors and patients.

The second domain is dedicated to research on the gamification of trust including both the development of classroom games as heuristics for understanding trust, and the exploration of trust dynamics in real-time user interactions.

The third domain of the Chair focuses on research and development regarding the relationship between trust and customer-orientation in intra-organizational and inter-organizational settings.


Bristol-Myers Squibb France 


Janna Rose, Professor of Ethics and Sustainable Development
Charles-Clemens Rüling, Professor of Organizational Theory


Ismael Al-Amoudi, Professor of Ethics
Mathieu Béal, Professor of Marketing
Isabel-Maria Bodas-Freitas, Professor of Economy and Management of Innovation
Nathalie Devillier, Professor of Law 
Stéphanie Gauttier, Professor of Information System
Corine Genet, Professor of Management of Innovation
David Grover, Professor of Economy 
Gazi Islam, Professor of Organizational Behavior
Jojo Jacob, Professor of Economy and Management of Innovation
Yan Meng, Professor of Marketing
Jani Merikivi, Professor of Information System
Hélène Michel, Professor of Management and Creativity
Isabelle Patroix, Responsible for the Playground
Daniel Ray, Professor of Marketing
Jan-Philipp Reineke, PhD Student
Valérie Sabatier, Professor of Strategy and Management of Innovation
Anika Schumacher, Professor of Marketing
Isabella Seeber, Professor of Information System
Lea Stadtler, Professor of Strategy and  Sustainable Development
Olivier Trendel, Professor of Marketing
Jie Yan, Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Arusyak Zakaryan, Professor of  Strategy and Management of Innovation
Ignazio Ziano, Professor of Marketing
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