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Video: Why are our innovation models not working?

Published on
17 September 2019

Sylvie Blanco, Professor-Researcher in Management and Technology, and Executive Director of Innovation at Grenoble Ecole de Management, explains in a Xerfi Canal interview.

Sylvie explains that staying focused on the technologies and innovation processes we have inherited, implies we forget to go through the continuous learning process required for innovation to truly serve sustainable transitions.

We do not take the time to rethink or test new implementations of innovations so that we can own them and allow them to evolve. We continue to reproduce the old techno-push pattern–simply “disguised” with new names.

Find out more on the recommendations Sylvie Blanco provides for better leverage of innovation models:

Sylvie Blanco, Executive Director for Innovation & Experimentation, Professor to department Management & Technology


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