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Sharing economy: an identity crisis for developing companies

Published on
25 November 2015

“The sharing economy offers a new economic model that disrupts traditional markets such as the automotive and hotel industries. Yet, as these new models evolve from community-based interactions to the wide-scale monetization of individual resources, companies and users are confronted with an identity clash.”

This article, published in the Grenoble Business Review, deals with the collaborative consumption practices that take place in our society nowadays.

Gazi Islam, researcher from the Alternative Forms of Markets and Organizations, explains that "Various forms of sharing have always existed. But now, it's become an anonymized practice where average individuals are able to share their goods on a wide-scale level thanks to the support of digital technology."

A number of our researchers, including Gazi Islam, Mark Esposito, Thibaut Daudigeos and Laurent Javaudin, are working on the new sharing economy phenomenon: “From energy to organizational theory, the sharing economy offers new opportunities for development in both the service industry and traditional sectors such as energy and transportation.”

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