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Serious game: Making innovation a routine in 15 minutes a day

serious game « 21 days, The Innovation Quest »
Published on
25 September 2018

Studies have shown that a minimum of 21 days is necessary to establish a routine. Based on this principle, Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) launches the « 21 days, The Innovation Quest » serious game, intended for businesses and higher-education students. The aim is to learn how to innovate in 21 days, with limited resources, thanks to a few minutes of daily game-play. Check out the teaser of this 6-hour long training program using a game!

More about 21daysquest

With the support of GEM, the first version of the serious game was developed within the OpenLab Ideas Laboratory®, in collaboration with Low Tech Lab, Suez, and the GEM’s research Chair “Public Trust in Health”.

The game players are « stranded » on a mysterious island, where they begin their 21-day journey 

Players are given a precious mission box including 21 tubes and a diary. Each day, they will follow the story in the diary, open one tube, and complete a 15-minute mission in order to understand, with limited resources, a key concept of innovation. The players will then think about how to integrate this concept in a professional context. At the end of the 21-day journey, they will have experimented with 6 main approaches to innovation, and will be able to apply them to their professional life, just like any other daily routine.

Managers and students experiment with the first version 

“The serious game was used mi-September 2018 by 20 GEM executive education participants as well as 40 staff members as an integration tool,” explains  Hélène Michel, Gamification & Management Professor at GEM and project initiator.

“By December 2018, 1000 Grande Ecole Program students are expected to play the virtual version, which includes daily email notifications – to be opened on the same principle as an Advent calendar,” continues the serious games expert.

Further to the first players’ feedback, new versions and upgrades of the serious game – including new quests – will be developed.

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