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Seminar : Anne-Lorène Vernay & Mélodie Cartel

Published on
09 June 2017


Seminar : Business models and sustainability transitions: the interplay of mediating and transforming roles

 Anne-Lorène Vernay was awarded, in 2008, a master in industrial ecology from Leiden University in the Netherlands. She also holds a PhD in innovation studies from Delft University of Technology which she defended in 2013. In her research, she was interested in understanding how local cycles of material and energy can be created (a.k.a Circular Urban Systems). She specifically analysed the type of organizational changes that are required in order to create circular urban systems and identified overarching mechanisms that enable these changes to take place. In Septembre 2013 she joinded Grenoble Ecole de Management as a postdoc. Her research will focus on the theme of innovation in energy management. She published in two international peer reviewed journals: Journal of Cleaner Production and Systems Research and behavioural Science. She will also teach introductory courses on strategy management and management of technology.

 Melodie Cartel holds a PhD in organization science from Les Mines School of Paris. She is interested in innovation, institutional dynamics and corporate political activity. From an empirical point of view, she particularly focuses on carbon markets, corporate carbon management and the institutions of a low carbon society. 


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