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A new transcontinental track with McGill University

A new transcontinental track with McGILL University

Grenoble Ecole de Management is proud to announce our new partner university, McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

As part of this partnership, transcontinental students are welcomed to McGill, "The Harvard of the North", for a semester to benefit from the excellent international academic, professional and cultural experience they offer.

McGill University is one of the world’s best universities, ranked 28th by the 2017 QS World Graduate Employability Rankings and is known for attracting the brightest students from across Canada, the United States and the entire world. It is celebrated for its thriving international diversity and the research intensities on a global scale.

McGill is one of most successful research-intensive universities, and was awarded $473 million in research funding in 2016. It was also ranked 1st or 2nd "Research University of the Year" for the past 14 years among Canada's Top 50 Research Universities according to Re$earch Infosource 2016.

As part of the big community, McGill students will benefit from a plethora of active student societies, Canada’s most beautiful campus in Downtown Montreal, as well as being part of the McGill alumni network, which includes people like Canada’s current Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. With its vibrant cosmopolitan city and reputation of excellence, McGill is the perfect place to study, make new friends and prepare for the start of your career.

Clearly, with McGill as a partner, our transcontinental students will receive a huge career advantage by studying in such an honored and esteemed institution. The course will give students a unique perspective of the Canadian way to deal with all the challenges and opportunities of the global business world. The lucky students will study 4 compulsory course modules in subjects like international business and management.

McGill, in addition to our established partners at Cambridge, Columbia, Beihang, Pace, and SFU, allow our students to discover the economic, business and cultural experiences of different countries in their path to becoming successful global business men and women. The Transcontinental Program was created due to the increasing demand for study abroad places. With McGill’s partnership, Grenoble Ecole de Management continues its strong international reputation.

The option to study in McGill is offered to students in Master year 2, now, who are specializing in International Management. The students will study in Montreal for the September to December semester of their third year. For more information, contact the Center for International Affairs.

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