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Market knowledge influenced by CEOs’ personality

Published on
23 December 2015

Logically, market knowledge (MK) improves firm performance. Yet, knowledge of how MK develops remains sparse. In this study, Barthélemy Chollet, associate professor and researcher from the Social Networks, Innovation and Entrepreneurship team, and his co-authors, studied collusion between CEOs personality and market knowledge.

MK embodied in top managers ?

The authors theorize that CEOs' personality traits influence the intensity of seeking (openness and conscientiousness), the opportunity to access (extraversion), or the accuracy of processing (agreeableness and emotional stability) market information.

A fuzzy set qualitative comparative analysis of 409 CEOs reveals that traits favoring accuracy are necessary conditions for accessing high MK. The findings provide new understanding of the antecedents of MK and have conceptual implications for the study of CEOs' personality in general.

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