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Continuing Education: Improving Your General Management Skills

Armelle Bonenfant, conseillère en formation à Grenoble Ecole de Management
Published on
15 June 2017

Grenoble Ecole de Management’s General Management degree will train managers for strategic and operational tasks in SMEs. Starting in 2018, the school’s Formacadre program (24 months) will be reformatted to deliver a new General Management degree in 15 months. The program is aimed at operational managers who hold graduate degrees and would like to evolve towards strategic jobs. The General Management degree is particularly adapted to match the needs of SMEs and the Grande Ecole program. 

Schneider Electric, STMicroelectronics, HP and GEG are a few of the partners that participated in the Formacadre program. The program included 24 months of work/study for operational managers. The new General Management degree will target specific challenges tied to both SMEs and major companies.

Improving strategy-related skills

"The motivation behind creating this new 15 month program is to meet transversal demands from operational managers who hold graduate degrees. The goal is to provide support for individuals working as team managers, project managers or experts in a variety of fields such as marketing, communication and finance," explains Armelle Bonenfant, in charge of accompanying candidates during the admissions process. The General Management program will help participants expand their skills in terms of strategic decision-making. The program is therefore also open to managers or experts with unusual career paths and training in fields such as literature, teaching, social sciences and law.

A flexible training program

The General Management program will enable operational managers from startups, SMEs and major companies to test their knowledge, and acquire new expertise and skills. The program will require participants to be in class two and a half days every two to three weeks. Participants will be able to update their knowledge and acquire new skills, expertise and methods. The goal is to enable them to integrate these new capacities to help overcome challenges in a variety of fields such as digital transformation, innovation, creativity, ethics, psychosocial risk management and geopolitics.

Reducing loss of work time

In only 15 months, the General Management program offers participants the opportunity to earn a recognized French Level 2 Master's degree and the level 1 general management title for continuing education. "This program provides a real added-value for companies. Its flexibility allows managers to learn essential skills and validate a degree without missing too much time at work," adds Armelle. Applicants can access prep documents to help them prepare for the entrance exams.

Cost for the 15 month format: €17,900 (funding available through the OPCA, CPF and Fongécif)

The General Management program is also available in its traditional 24 month format for candidates with an undergraduate degree and significant professional experience (cost: €26,900).

About Programme de Management Général (Formacadre)

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