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2020 MIT GSW: entrepreneurship for sustainable societies

2020 MIT GSW: Entrepreneurship & Social Impact
Published on
23 January 2020

On March 23rd and 24th, Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) will co-organize the 2020 MIT Global Startup Workshop (MIT GSW). By focusing on transformative entrepreneurship, disruptive technology and social impact, this year’s event will offer a unique opportunity to accelerate Grenoble’s regional ecosystem and bolster the development of a sustainable society. Both universities will collaborate to promote a positive, forward-looking ethos of entrepreneurship.

To be held at Minatec in Grenoble, France, the event will bring together nearly 400 entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, students, academics, company leaders, managers and investors from around the world.

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The MIT GSW is a major international event for entrepreneurship. It is run by a diverse group of graduate students with the goal of promoting a strong entrepreneurial spirit, sharing top-notch expertise and perspectives on entrepreneurship, and addressing relevant verticals for the host ecosystem.

Immerse yourself in entrepreneurship

MIT GSW participants will take part in keynote sessions, workshops, fireside chats, a startup village and a startup competition. Renowned international speakers as well as successful regional actors will share valuable insights on entrepreneurship.

Diana Brondel, founder and CEO of Xaalys, highlights the power of coming together to share and build around entrepreneurship: "I left a stable job that I had had for 10 years to start my own company. It’s something that can be very frightening. I always wondered how I had the courage to pull the plug. Seeing other people who had done the same thing made me realize that sometimes you need to embrace failure in order to open the door to new possibilities for success. My participation in the 2017 MIT GSW gave me the opportunity to meet inspiring people who shared a strong passion for their projects and the same audacity I had to start their own business from the ground up and believe in their ambitions. When you see people living the same story as you but in a different book, it increases your motivation to keep telling the story.”

Support entrepreneurial projects with a social impact

Are you part of an entrepreneurial project that aims to positively impact your community and country? Do you wish to promote an entrepreneurial spirit that supports sustainability and constructive social impact? The 2020 MIT GSW will include a startup competition for three categories of startups based on maturity level. Finalists will be awarded up to 8,000 euros and receive personalized support from MIT GSW entrepreneurs to accelerate their business development. To participate, apply for MIT GSW’s Sustainable Society Startup Competition!

Grenoble: a pioneering city

After events held in Seoul, Melbourne, Bangkok and Bogota, the 2020 MIT GSW will come to France for the first time. It’s host city, Grenoble, is a perfect match for the event: “We are extremely excited to partner with GEM to co-organize this year’s MIT GSW. Grenoble’s long-standing reputation as a pioneering city has managed to bring top-tier research, academia and industry together to be at the forefront of technology,” highlights Maria Zagorulya, Managing Director of the 2020 MIT GSW and a third year PhD Candidate in Biology at MIT.

Grenoble is the French Silicon Valley and is ranked the fifth most innovative city in the world by Forbes magazine. With universities, research institutions, major industrial players and a host of cutting-edge startups, the Grenoble ecosystem offers a unique environment to foster a far-reaching entrepreneurial spirit. In addition to its major sponsor Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, the 2020 MIT GSW will be supported by numerous other sponsors: Université Grenoble Alpes, STMicroelectronics, Bpifrance, Schneider Electric, Tessi, GIANT, Capgemini Invent, Minatec, Atos, Institut Carnot LSI, Banque Populaire Auvergne Rhône Alpes, Grenoble INP, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Entreprises, Inria, CEA Leti, AG2R La Mondiale, IRT Nanoelec and Waoup.

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