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The Marketing teams provide researchers with a dynamic academic community in which to carry out relevant and rigorous research in the fields of Marketing Strategy and Consumer Behavior. As a result of our research, our team members create and promote knowledge in four key areas of expertise:

  • Consumer persuasion and choice

Our researchers examine the factors that influence consumer attitudes and behaviors in relation to brands, products or services.

  • Social marketing 

Research in this field of expertise is focused on understanding the determinants behind public policy issues such as obesity, local products, energy-efficiency or low carbon footprint products.

  • Customer management

Our researchers analyze customer relationships, in particular customer satisfaction and loyalty, sales force management, negotiations, and customer relationship management, in order to help companies better understand their interactions with customers.

  • Product and service innovation

From new product and service development processes to development team staffing and management, our researchers study factors that influence the success of innovations.


Put Music on your Website

13 October 2015
Your web communication needs to offer a rich consumer experience to distinguish it from others. Nowadays, websites must evoke enjoyable and memorable feelings in their visitors in order to encourage them to revisit and recommend the website.

Customer reaction and Market identity

29 September 2015
websites such as TripAdvisor have given consumers the power to impact a company's image.
This article, written by Tao Wang, Filippo Carlo Wezel and Bernard Forgues, examines the conditions under which organizations publicly respond to unfavorable consumer evaluations that challenge their market identity. This study relies on an analyse of a dataset of London hoteliers' responses to online reviews posted on TripAdvisor during the period 2002-2012.