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  • Profils Asperger : une formation en data avec insertion professionnelle supervisée

    Asperger Profiles: GEM and C3R Join Forces to Offer a Data Training Program With Supervised Professional Rehabilitation

    Published on 06 April 2018

    Around 74 to 86% of adults suffering from Asperger’s are currently unemployed or undervalued in terms of their skills (Barnard et al, 2001). At the same time, the data industry anticipates that 900,000 jobs will be unfilled by 2020. In response,...

  • Innovation : entre le secret et l’ouverture

    Innovation: Balancing Secrecy and Openness

    Published on 26 March 2018

    Research confirms that, in most cases, the benefits of open research outweigh secrecy and knowledge protection in most cases. As a result, companies have to find the right balance between protecting their knowledge and exchanging with external...

  • Transition énergique : quand l’e-mobilité détrônera les véhicules thermiques

    Energy Transition: When Will Electrical Mobility Take Over?

    Published on 26 March 2018

    Electrical mobility has become an important factor in the global energy transition. Yet many challenges remain to creating a carbon-free alternative to traditional cars and transportation.

  • paiement mobile

    How to Encourage User Adoption of Mobile Payment Options?

    Published on 26 March 2018

    Despite the convenience of mobile payment technology, customer adoption of this new technology is not a given. How can companies build on previous internet experience to facilitate this transition?

  • Chair Public in Trust : highlights 2017 and outlook 2018

    Published on 20 March 2018

    The Chair for Public Trust in Health at GEM was inaugurated in September 2017. It is funded by Fondation Grenoble Ecolede Management, School for Business and for Society, in partnership with Bristol-Myers Squibb France, with the goal of better...

  • Maya Mallat Yassine

    My DBA Survival Kit

    Published on 19 March 2018

    A fellow working mother recently wrote in a blog, “Mention 'work-family balance’ to a roomful of working women who have children, and the response you'll probably get is semi-hysterical laughter...followed by tired sighs.” Imagine being a mom of...