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Visiting Consumer Behavior Team : Kate Loveland

[22] [Mar 2018] [ 11:00 am] [ ]


Grenoble Ecole de Management
12 rue Pierre Sémard

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Seminar : A Quiet Disquiet: Anxiety and Risk Avoidance due to Nonconscious Auditory Priming
Kate Loveland, Xavier University/ Michael Lowe, Georgia Tech / Aradhna Krishna, University of  Michigan

Hearing is our highly sensitive warning system. As a sense, hearing has uniquely evolved to perform this alerting function, and is perceptive to subtle cues in the ambient environment which are associated with safety. We propose that one aspect of sound which performs this alerting function is pitch - so that low pitch (versus moderate pitch) sound nonconsciously primes a threat response resulting in heightened anxiety among consumers. Furthermore, this emotional response manifests itself in the form of increased risk avoidance. Six laboratory studies in varied domains demonstrate that a low (versus moderate) pitch ambient sound results in higher anxiety, which leads to risk avoidant consumer choices, for instance, being willing to pay more for car insurance or choosing a food option with lower taste uncertainty.

 Dr. Kate Loveland earned her Ph.D. in Marketing from Arizona State University in 2011.  She began teaching at Xavier University in 2014 and before that she taught Marketing at HEC Montreal.  During her time at HEC she created a course on using marketing techniques to facilitate social good.  Kate’s area of expertise is Consumer Behavior and since starting at Xavier she has focused much of her energy on teaching courses in the areas of marketing research and consumer behavior. In addition to teaching, she maintains an active research stream. Kate’s work has been published in top marketing journals and covers topics including nostalgic products, how consumption can be used to satiate the need to belong and the need for authenticity, the effects of atmospherics on risk taking, and the relationship between self-concept and consumption.

In addition to her Ph.D. in Marketing, Kate holds a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Tennessee, and a BA in French and English Literature from Lewis and Clark College.


 Loveland, Katherine E., Dirk Smeesters and Naomi Mandel (2010), “Still Preoccupied with 1995: The Need to Belong and Preference for Nostalgic Products,” Journal of Consumer Research, 37 (October), 393-408.

Loveland, Katherine E., Naomi Mandel, and Utpal M. Dholakia (2014), “Effects of Ownership Duration, Purchase Price and Emotional Attachment on the Valuation of Personal Possessions,” Customer Needs and Solutions, 1(3), 224-240.

Loveland, Katherine E., Naomi Mandel, and Utpal M. Dholakia (2017), “Shaping Homeowner Pricing Decisions,” Keller Center Research Report, 10(2),

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Mathras, Daniele, Katherine E. Loveland and Naomi Mandel (2013), “Media Image Effects on the Self,” in The Routledeg Companion to Identity and Consumption, eds. Ayalla A. Ruvio and Russell W. Belk, Routledge New York, NY.

Amyx, Douglas A., Shahid Bhuian, Dheeraj Sharma, and Katherine E. Loveland (2008), “Corporate Ethical Values: SCEV II Scale Development and Assessment of Antecedents and Outcomes from Salespeople’s Perspective,” Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 28(4), 388-401.

Selected Works in Progress

Kettle, Keri L., Katherine E. Loveland, and Gerald Häubl, “Self-Concept Activation Disinhibits the Food Consumption of Restrained Eaters,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, invited revision

Lowe, Michael L., Katherine E Loveland, and Aradhna Krishna “The Fear We Hear: The Effect of Environmental Sound on Risk Aversion,” Journal of Consumer Research, invited revision

Thompson, Scott A., James M. Loveland, and Katherine E. Loveland, “The Impact of Switching Costs and Brand Communities on New Product Adoption: Served-Market Tyranny or Friendship with Benefits,” Journal of Product and Brand Management, invited revision

Lasaleta, Jannine and Katherine E. Loveland, “Halcion Days of Yore: How Nostalgic Consumption Augments Feelings of Authenticity,” 4 studies completed

Mathras, Daniele and Katherine E. Loveland, “Motivating Consumers to Buy It Once to Buy it For Life,” 2 studies completed

Loveland, James M., Katherine E. Loveland, and Rajiv Sinha, “Understanding Extended Warranties’ Effects on Brand Equity and Willingness to Pay,” currently collecting additional data for resubmission to Journal of Consumer Research.

Loveland, Katherine E. and Kelley Main, “‘What you talking about?’: Reactions to Persuasion Attempts After a Social Rejection,” two studies completed, manuscript in preparation for submission to Journal of Consumer Psychology.



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