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Visiting and seminar : Julie E.Ferguson

[30] [Sep 2016] [ 1:30 pm] [ ]


  • Seminar “Problematizing opportunity pursuit, multidimensional embeddedness of entrepreneurship through foreign direct investment

Julie E. Ferguson is a professor of Organization Sciences at VU University Amsterdam, Faculty of Social Sciences (PhD in Business Administration; MSc in Philosophy, MSc in Comparative Literature). Her main research theme is knowledge-intensive organizing toward social innovation, from a social network perspective, in the context of social and environmental sustainability. More specifically, Julie is interested in understanding how informal networks enable bottom-up forms of collaboration, how heterogeneous stakeholders in informal (often online) networks negotiate their interests, and what this means for organizational structures and strategies. She draws on theoretical perspectives including semi-formal organization, social network theory and information systems research, and adopts qualitative as well as quantitative methods (social and semantic network analysis).

Julie has been awarded several research grants including two from the Dutch National Science Fund (NWO), and her work has been published in various journals including Journal of Information Technology, Big Data and Society, Long Range Planning, World Development. She is presently guest editor for Research in the Sociology of Organizations and for the Journal of Crisis and Contingency Management.