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Visiting : Ana Garcia Granero

[01] [Sep 2017] [ 12:00 am] [ ]
[31] [Dec 2017] [ 12:00 am] [ ]


Grenoble Ecole de Management
12 rue Pierre Sémard

Welcome Ana Garcia Granero from Valencia !

Ana Garcia Granero has a degree in Economics and a Master in Business Strategy. Her research profile here >

In June 2013 she obtained a PhD from the University of Valencia. She has been a researcher at INGENIO (CSIC -UPV) and Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM).

Currently she is Assistant Professor at the University of Valencia, where she teaches courses related to business strategy.

Her main research interests include

  • open innovation
  • ambidexterity
  • organizational desig
  • top management teams.

She has published in journals including Innovation: Management, Policy & Practice and Journal of Business Research.

Selected publications

Olmos-Peñuela, J., García-Granero, A., Castro-Martínez, E., & D’Este, P. (2017). Strengthening SMEs’ innovation culture through collaborations with public research organizations. Do all firms benefit equally?. European Planning Studies, 1-20.

Garcia-Granero, A., Llopis-Corcoles, O., Fernandez-Mesa, A., y Alegre, J. (2015). Unraveling the link between managerial risk-taking and innovation: the mediating role of a risk-taking climate. Journal of Business Research, 68(5) 1094-1104.

Edwards-Schachter, M., García-Granero, A., Sánchez-Barrioluengo, M., Quesada-Pineda, H., & Amara, N. (2015). Disentangling competences: Interrelationships on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Thinking Skills and Creativity, 16, 27-39

García-Granero, A., Vega-Jurado, J., & Alegre, J. (2014). Shaping the firm’s external search strategy. Innovation: management, policy & practice, 16(3), 417-429.

García-Granero, A., Vega-Jurado, J., & Alegre-Vidal, J. (2014). Is R&D Enough to Take Advantage From External Knowledge?: Focusing on Coordination Mechanisms. Journal of technology management & innovation, 9(2), 118-130.