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Seminar : Vincent Pasquier and Mathieu Hocquelet

[03] [Nov 2017] [ 1:30 pm] [ ]


Seminar : From an 'organizing' to 'networkin': a renewed approach to unionism renewal

Vincent Pasquier graduated from Audencia Nantes and Paris Dauphine before Grenoble Ecole de Management. He has been working for five years as a consultant for labour unions. His research interests include CSR and counter-power dynamics.



Mathieu Hocquelet 's research project consists in an ethnographic study of the local use of community organizing groups and worker centers by one of the main union in the US as an alternative way to organize labor at the national scale in the biggest corporation of the service industry: the retail corporation Walmart. After an exploratory research conducted in South California and in Illinois, this research focuses on the Louisiana and Florida organizing campaigns where important and unexpected protests took place despite of their low unionization rate and their more restrictive labor legislation toward unions and the right to organize labor ("Right to Work States"). The main goal of this research is to assess how the local context shapes both discourses and practices of the different actors involved in a national organizing campaign.