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Seminar : Tor Hernes

[20] [Apr 2018] [ 1:30 pm] [ ]
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Seminar : Continuity as Change

Tor Hernes's  main research interests focus questions of organization and time. Whereas many works focus on time as regular temporal structuring, I am particularly interested in what may be called an event-based understanding of time. The main thrust of my work on time is directed towards an events-based view inspired by Alfred North Whitehead’s philosophy.

Another, and related, aspect of time that interests me, is how actors construct different combinations of near and distant horizons extending both into the future and the past, and how does that construction take place? Here lie, I think, some of the ”secrets” of organizational continuity and change. At IOA I also direct the Centre for Organizational Time.

Research areas:

  • Organizational continuity and change
  • Organization and time
  • Theories of organization