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Seminar : Siobhan O'Mahony and José Luis Ferreras-Méndez

[25] [May 2018] [ 1:30 pm] [ ]
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Seminar : From Proprietary to Collective Governance: How Platform Participant Strategies Adapt

Professor O’Mahony's research explores how technical and creative projects organize for innovation. She has examined how high technology contractors, open source programmers, artists, music producers, internet startups and product development teams coordinate their efforts in projects, teams and communities. She is interested in how people create organizing structures that promote innovation, creativity and growth without replicating the bureaucratic structures they strive to avoid. Dr. O’Mahony’s research has appeared in Administrative Science Quarterly, Organization Science, Academy of Management Journal, Research in Organizational Behavior, Research Policy, Research in the Sociology of Organizations, Industry and Innovation, and the Journal of Management and Governance. A former consultant with Price Waterhouse LLP and Electronic Data Systems, she has consulted to organizations such as IDEO, the Global Business Network, Novell, Cap Gemini, Proquest, Microsoft, McDonald Investments, and the European Union.

Seminar : Knowledge search strategies and market success: an analysis of the mediating role of management innovation

Dr. José Luis Ferreras-Méndez (International PhD in Business Management, University of Valencia, Spain) is Assistant Professor at the Department of Management ‘Juan José Renau Piqueras’ at the University of Valencia, where he teaches Strategic Management, International Management and Innovation. He has participated in different international conferences and projects, and has published his research in journals such as Technovation, Industrial Marketing Management, Industrial Management and Data System and Technology Analysis and Strategic Management. His research focuses on organizational learning, absorptive capacity, knowledge strategies and innovation. Over the last five years he has completed research stays at Simon Fraser University, Canada; Erasmus University, Netherlands; Nova Business school, Portugal; UNICAM, Brazil; and Bentley University, USA.


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