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Seminar : Richard Whittington, Oxford

[21] [Sep 2018] [ 1:30 pm] [ ]


Grenoble Ecole de Management
12 rue Pierre Sémard
All times are GMT+1


Paper : Opening Strategy: Professional Strategists and Practice Change, 1960 to Today

For our second seminar, we are lucky to host Richard Whittington (SBS, Oxford), one of the founding father of strategy as practice research stream and one of the most influential European scholars of his generation in strategy. Richard will present an ongoing paper.  A very interesting and historical work about the impact of knowledge intensive professional firms on corporations, and more precisely, on their strategic evolution, useful for strategy, as well as OB/OT people as it is focused on “practice”.


Strategy as practice
Organisational change
Strategic planning

Richard Whittington is a leader in the field of Strategy-as-Practice research, having published the first paper in the field (1996).

The Strategy-as-Practice movement has revitalised research on strategic planning, with formally-recognised streams in such leading conferences as the Strategic Management Society, the Academy of Management, the European Group for Organizational Studies and the British Academy of Management. Richard’s own research is exploring the recent ‘opening’ of strategy, as it becomes more transparent internally and externally, and involves a widening range of people from inside and outside the organisation. For example, he has found that companies are increasingly communicating about their strategy, with significant impacts upon share prices, both negative and positive. His study has implications for current public policy debates on short-termism in business, supporting the case for more long-term strategic communications to external audiences by senior executives.

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