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Seminar : Martin Kornberger and Bilal Ahmed Jathol

[23] [Mar 2018] [ 1:30 pm] [ ]
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Seminar 13:30-15:00 : Impact beyond implementation: exploring the long-term effect of strategy

Martin is an undisciplined mind: he received his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Vienna in 2002 and since has held positions in strategy, organization theory, marketing and design at Universities in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, the UK and France. With one foot in the library and the other in the laboratory, his research and teaching focuses on discovery of ideas and practices that stretch the imagination of managers and scholars alike.



Innovative strategy development
Organizational design in open ecosystems
Management innovation   

Seminar 15:15-15:45 : Collective bricolage as an imprinting mechanism: the case of BBC 

Bilal Ahmed Jathol studies consequences of the digitalization of the economy on field evolution, organization
and Business Models. He holds a BS in Computer Science (NUCES, Pakistan) and an MBA (LUMS, Pakistan).

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