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Seminar: Kamila Moulai, Rotterdam, Netherlands

[09] [Dec 2022] [ 1:30 pm] [ ]


Grenoble Ecole de Management
12 Rue Pierre Sémard
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SeminarBetween Imagination and Construction: An investigation into workers' perception of Artificial Intelligence, article co-authored with our colleague Gazi Islam

Kamila Moulai is a Belgian postdoctoral researcher (Marie Curie Postdoc), and her work aims to contribute to a better understanding of how workers' identity evolves in contact with organizational experiences in a changing world of work, with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and human-technologies interactions. She further analyzes how these changes enable or constrain professional roles.
She uses qualitative methods, and an interdisciplinary lens where she builds on sociology, continental philosophy and communication to approach organizational and managerial phenomena.
She is a fellow of the Howard Brain Sciences Foundation (the USA, which was initially a spin-off of the Mind Machine Project MIT); a research associate of the International Research Centre on Globalisation and Work (CRIMT, Canada); a member of the Cluster for the Study of Organizations and Markets (COSM, University of Melbourne, Australia); a member of the Psychology of AI segment (ECDA, Erasmus, the Netherlands). She was a visiting scholar at Monash University (Emerging Technologies Research Lab., invited by the director and leading ethnographer Prof. Sarah Pink), a visiting scholar at the University of Melbourne (invited by Prof. Graham Sewell), a visiting researcher at the CRIMT Université de Montréal (invited by the director, Prof. Gregor Murray). She is the Head and Founder of the REIYS (voluntary)  initiative (Rejoice in Yourself and Success). 

Abstract: Current discussions of workplace AI tend to focus on either on a “replacement” hypothesis, by which machines supplant human labour, or an “augmentation” hypothesis, by which existing human work forms are enabled by machines. By contrast, we explore the relational dynamics that can take place in AI contexts by questioning the very construction of an "image of AI" workers shape. Investigating workers' perception of artificial intelligence and their views of the (im) material world such technologies draw, our work allows us to draw possible ways in which the mutual constitution of human and machine over time opens new possibilities for understanding workplaces.

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