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Seminar: Guillaume Flamand, Paris / Lobna Baccouche, Lyon

[10] [Jun 2022] [ 1:30 pm] [ ]


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SeminarUnderstanding the bad side of arts-based methods in managerial development: A literature review and a proposed model

Abstract: Our article contributes to the dynamic literature on arts-based methods in managerial development by identifying and exploring their ‘bad side’, that is their negatives. After having noted that the literature focuses on the positive side, we show the usefulness of considering the bad side. To explore it, we adjust Shepherd’s model of the ‘Triple-Ds’ (the dark side, downside and destructive side) of entrepreneurship to the case of managerial development and we analyze existing studies. We find that the dark side is rather well documented, that the effects of the downside are already supported, and that the destructive side is almost not considered despite its potential importance. We contribute by shedding light on this other overlooked side of arts-based methods, providing an initial picture of the existing understanding of the phenomenon, and presenting preliminary insights into how this bad side operates. Finally, we introduce a research agenda. Overall, we signal the importance of the ‘bad’ side of arts-based methods to advance the literature and improve the use of these promising yet complex methods.

Keywords : Arts-based methods in managerial development, bad side, ‘Triple-Ds’ model, problematization

Guillaume Flamand is currently an Assistant Professor and a Head of Department at ISC Paris, and an Associate Researcher at Magellan Research Laboratory, iaelyon School of Management - Université Lyon 3. In 2017, Guillaume received his PhD in Management from Université Paris-Dauphine, PSL Research University. Prior, he had graduated from iaelyon School of Management. Before joining ISC Paris, he occupied positions at emlyon business school, iaelyon School of Management and Université Lumière Lyon 2, and he has taught at Université Paris-Dauphine-PSL. Guillaume conducts empirical and theoretical re-search in management and organization theory. He teaches in many fields including man-agement, strategy, innovation and social sciences.

Lobna Baccouche is a permanent faculty member at ESDES Lyon Business School-UCLY. Previously, she was a full-time teaching and research attaché in management scienc-es at iaelyon School of Management-Université Lyon 3. Lobna holds a joint-PhD in man-agement sciences from IAE Dijon and IHEC Carthage.
Lobna’s research field is related to Business ethics. She particularly investigates deviant and unethical behaviors within organizations, such as deception in entrepreneuring or corruption. Her aim is to understand the mechanisms and impacts of such negative behaviors, and to offer ideas to help to maintain a transparent and healthy business environment. Lobna is an active member of national and international communities such as EGOS and AGRH where she frequently presents her research.
Lobna also has a wide teaching experience. She has taught Business strategy, Human re-sources management, CSR, Business ethics, International business or Industrial manage-ment. She ensures that her courses deal with topical issues and uses innovative approaches.

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