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Seminar : Ghassan Yacoub

[06] [Apr 2017] [ 2:15 pm] [ ]


  • Seminar : Collaborative Innovation and Appropriability in Start-ups: Evidence from the FinTech Sector

Ghassan Yacoub is a final year doctoral fellow at Cass Business School where his main research interests lie in the sources, appropriation, and management of (collaborative) innovation.

In his dissertation research, he is interested in how firms engage and manage the paradox of openness with a particular interest in fintech/tech start-ups, IPRs, emergent technologies (e.g. AI, blockchain), accelerators, and innovation ecosystems.

Prior to pursuing his PhD, Ghassan received his MSc degrees from Imperial College London and ESCP Europe with Distinction, and has over 4 years of experience in M&A Investment Banking.