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Seminar : Davide Ravasi

[12] [May 2017] [ 1:30 pm] [ ]

Innovation and Organization

  • Seminar How to format and align qualitative papers empirically and theoretically for top journals in OMT and Strategy

 Davide Ravasi from Cass Business School, is Professor of Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management and Co-Director of the Cass PhD program (Management, Marketing, and Operations Management pathway).

He is an expert in the areas of Organizational Identity and Culture, Design Management, and Qualitative Research Methods.

His research primarily examines interrelations between organizational identity, culture, and strategy in times of change, and he has served as a consultant to organizations reflecting on their own identity and core values. He has done extensive research on how design and designers contribute to strategic change and innovation. He is interested more generally in cultural-cognitive processes influencing how new objects and new practices come to be, and whether and how they are valued and adopted by individuals and organizations.