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Seminar : Amanda Peticca Harris

[07] [Apr 2017] [ 1:30 pm] [ ]

Innovation and Organization

Seminar : Post-Capitalist Theatrics: Exploring the Professional Identities of Uber Drivers

Amanda Peticca-Harris will present a paper (co-authored with Nadia deGama and M.N. Ravishankar) . It’s currently under review with Organization (second round).

Abstract: Drawing on a qualitative study of 31 Uber drivers in Toronto, Canada, we explore professional identities within the sharing economy. While Uber has been hailed the ‘poster child’ of the sharing economy (Arthur, 2014), less is known about drivers’ work experiences and professional identities in this arena. We draw on the sharing economy and professional identity literatures to understand how participants are able to imagine different professional identities as the role of ‘driver’ is performed. Our findings emphasize the ways in which working within the sharing economy is being framed as something ‘easy and fun to do!’ until the ‘real work’ begins. We relate these findings to a broader discussion about the casualization of professional identities and the precarious nature of life in late capitalism.


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