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Research coffee : Raissa Pershina : Serious games "What’s in the toolbox?"

[23] [May 2017] [ 2:00 pm] [ ]

Espace PlayGround - GEM Innovation Campus

Niveau - 1 (au bout du couloir)
23 Avenue des Martyrs (Ligne B arrêt CEA Cambridge)

A search ? A coffee!
The meeting will be in English exceptionally

Hélène Michel and Isabelle Patroix invite you to (re) discover the serious games read and decrypted under various disciplinary perspectives in an informal and convivial atmosphere!


For this "Café-Recherche" we welcome Raissa Pershina who is a doctoral student at the University of Oslo.

« In this paper, we look at how interdisciplinary teams of serious games companies (creative hybrids) create new products, organize their design processes, and what tools they use. Drawing on an in-depth qualitative analysis, we reveal several tools and practices that enable such teams to work together, overcome the boundaries, and jointly strive for innovative and novel product design ».

The meeting will be in English.

All public and without registration.