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MEET THE EXPERT "Innovation place your bets !"

From (CET)
24 Nov 2015.
24 Nov 2015.

The new meeting of the cycle "Meet The Expert" hosted by Hélène Michel, will take place November 24, 2015 at 18h on the theme "Innovation: Place your bets". The conference will be followed by a cocktail to 19h.

  • Serious games are games whose main purpose beyond entertainment. They use the levers of engagement of the game - such as competition, curiosity, collaboration, individual challenge - and its supports - such as the physical aspects of board games, or avatars and 3D immersion video games to increase participants' motivation to get involved in complex or grunt work.
  • Serious games have been used for many years in a variety of business situations such as the development of employer branding, recruitment, training, assessment, etc. All CAC 40 companies use these games as well. The challenge now is to use these devices in a new perspective: innovation.

How can the game help design new products, new services? How can it support the business development of a company?

Helene Michel will present new challenges and will describe several examples of innovative projects with serious games with CEA, POMA or Val Thorens.

This presentation will be in French only.