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CSO Open Seminar : Towards post-human society?

[11] [Jan 2019] [ 9:00 am] [ ]


Grenoble de Management
12 Rue Pierre Sémard
All times are GMT+1

The Centre for Social Ontology is organising a round-table and open discussion on whether, and in what respects, contemporary societies are becoming post-human. The expression post-human is used in broad terms to refer to technological and social developments that displace or transform the boundaries of our common humanity. 


The morning (9h-12h) will feature a round table in connection with the CSO's current project on post-human society. Places are limited to 35 participants. We are delighted and honoured to welcome five very distinguished speakers with Prof Ismael Al-Amoudi: Profs Margaret Archer (Warwick and PASS), Pierpaolo Donati (Bologna), Jamie Morgan (Leeds-Becket), Doug Porpora (Drexel) and Colin Wight (Sydney).  The afternoon (13h30-15h) will feature a general discussion around the question ‘Towards post-human society?’ The point being to generate informed dialogue rather than expert monologue.  Between 15h and 17h, our five guest speakers will be available for individual 30 minutes discussions. Do not hesitate to discuss with them either a research project of yours for which you would like their input, or questions you may have about their own research, about realist approaches to social science, etc. 


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