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Entrepreneurship and Venture Growth

It is important to understand how entrepreneurial individuals and firms transform their ideas into innovative, expanding, and enduring businesses. A number of different research streams nurture our expertise on new venture creation and growth:

  • New product development and methods to design new products in order to help technologists to integrate different perspectives
  • Creation, development and adaptation of business models to shape new markets, new usages and new customers
  • The role of networks in new venture development and growth
  • How entrepreneurial individuals identify and develop entrepreneurial opportunities
  • The roles and limits of technologies in shaping new ventures and enabling growth
  • Emerging markets such as energy and climate change, cultural industries and health and wellbeing markets
  • The impacts of digitization and digital transformation on entrepreneurship and venture growth
  • Gendered entrepreneurship 

Our expertise is not limited to for profit ventures, it also plays a pivotal role in on-going debates on important issues including sharing economies, NGOs, non for profit and peer-to-peer organization creation and development.

Our work provides students and practitioners with the knowledge they need to succeed, and helps businesses, institutions, and NGOs develop and implement social and economic policies to adapt to today’s fast-changing world.


GEM - Les Prem1ères: an incubator for female entrepreneurship

12 July 2018
Séverine Le Loarne
The FERE Research Chair recently partnered with France’s leading incubator network to launch a mobile incubator aimed at supporting female entrepreneurship in rural areas. The first of its kind, this incubator offers a new approach to encourage women in business.

Research: Defining Your Business Model Through Experimentation

23 April 2018
Innovative companies rely on experimentation to develop their business models. However, this approach can be quite costly and the risks are underappreciated. Two GEM researchers recently analyzed the experiences of startups in the connected health sector.