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Energy & Society

Energy for Society Chair

The objective of the Energy for Society chair is to study the impact of new energy services reconciling business attractiveness and acceptability of new energy services by citizens.

As the energy sector experiences an unprecedented period of change, any decision or orientation in relation with energy policies and choices is subject to a large number of uncertainties. But the energy transition offers a unique opportunity to act differently.
How will companies elaborate new strategies in relation to these evolutions? How will they convince consumers to adopt virtuous behaviors? How will companies attract support to the energy transition?
The Energy for Society Chair proposes analyses and solutions based on research in these fields and articulates three complementary working areas.

Research axes

Business cooperation to create new innovative energy services
Business models, multiplicity of players and sectors, taking into account of diverging points of view and compromises,… : this axis allows us to understand how a group of companies successfully co-creates new energy services.
Companies and their sustainable innovation strategy
More and more companies are integrating social objectives into their economic objectives. What are the current trends in energy-related sustainable innovation strategies across a wide range of industries ? Are companies reaping more profits than others, especially during this unprecedented Covid 19 crisis ?
Adapt energy services according to consumer aspirations
Through the particular but central case of energy transition, this research axis is testing new services that would accelerate the thermal building retrofit activities.






Post-Doc Nuria Moratal
With the Energy Management research team

Media Publications

Covid19: the drop in energy consumption in 2020 will be unprecedented - Analysis by Morgan Crenes, Head of the Data & Research department at Enerdata, and Carine Sebi – Enerdata – April 29, 2020
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