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Over the past 15 years, the development of strong and meaningful research has been a centerpiece of GEM's strategy.

With almost 100 active, permanent researchers, strong doctoral programs, a large number of European and national research grants, substantial corporate and institutional partnerships, and a vibrant, cooperative research culture, we are proud to figure today among the leading management research organizations in Europe in terms of research output as well as impact.

Research at GEM aims at creating high-level, meaningful knowledge for all our stakeholders including academia, alumni, partner organizations, and society. Based on GEM's unique expertise at the nexus of technology, innovation, society, and organization, we seek to leverage research across established disciplines to address societal challenges in health, energy, digitization, and urban transformation. We co-construct research initiatives with our partners and translate scholarly into actionable knowledge.

Research at GEM is conducted in eight research teams: Alternative Forms of Markets and Organizations (AFMO), Organization, Identity, Work and Careers (OWIC), Finance, Innovation, and Governance (FIG), Consumer BehaviorMarketing, Strategy, and Innovation (MSI), Strategy, Collective Action and Technology (SCAT), Energy Management and Entrepreneurship. These teams provide rich and stimulating scholarly contexts for our permanent researchers, post-docs and doctoral students.

Across research teams, we build on four large thematic, collaborative platforms to develop and coordinate research and dissemination activities, established in partnership with our external stakeholders, to address important societal issues. HealthDigital TransformationEnergy and Society and Sharing Economy and Urban Transformation.

Our innovative and collaborative research organization combined with our researchers' curiosity and pursuit of academic excellence makes us a vital actor in European management research.

Charles-Clemens Rüling
Associate Dean for Research

Updated on 21 February 2019 at 4h28 pm