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Economy, Society & Organizations

Three research teams focus on better understanding the many fast-changing aspects of our society in order to provide students, businesses, institutions and NGOs with the knowledge they need to adapt to today's world.

Research on Alternative Forms of Markets and Organizations focuses on four primary topics: social and environmental innovations, alternative forms of organizations, crafting organizations, and construction and consumption of management knowledge.

Social Networks, Innovation and Entrepreneurship  team members examine questions tied to social networks, big data and the evolution of business science in order to promote expertise on how people and organizations create and share knowledge.

To help expand our understanding of work life and careers as well as various cultural implications, our Work, Life and Careers team studies numerous subjects that range from the individual to organizational and societal levels.


The Circular Economy

12 January 2016
In parallel with the article Why The Circular Economy Matters published in The European Business Review and co-authored with Terence Tse (ESCP) and Khaled Soufani (Cambridge Judge BS), Mark Esposito, professor of Economic Strategy at Grenoble Ecole de Management (Grenoble Business School), is a Guest Editor for an upcoming special issue of the California Management Review on The Circular Economy.

Enchanting work : Positive management or form of control ?

18 November 2015
Thanks to a qualitative and empirical study of work experiences in a North American organic supermarket, Gazi Islam, researcher in the Alternative Forms of Markets and Organizations team, and his co-authors introduce the notion of ‘enchanting work’, a concept referring to the aura found in certain forms of service work.