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Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)

Program duration
Four years
Degree level
Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)
Entry requirements
Master's degree + at least five years of professional experience


This program is one of nine DBA programs in the world to be accredited by AMBA.

The Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) aims for graduates to discern the emergent orientations to be applied within a company: This doctorate in Business will assist you in acquiring and mastering the methodology of research to apply to your job.

The Doctorate in Business Administration offered by Grenoble Ecole de Management is a research-based doctoral program that offers participants the opportunity to obtain the highest level, unique, and issue-driven qualifications in business .

This doctoral business degree is particularly focused on the management of technology, organizational change, and innovation. However, the program may also cover more traditional research topics in fields such as management, finance, marketing, and organizational behavior.


The Grenoble DBA is delivered in various locations thanks to partnerships and joint degree programs with business schools around the world. The programs are presently offered in the following locations:

DBA in Grenoble (in English)
DBA USA Los Angeles | DBA USA New-York
DBA in Istanbul

Regardless of the location, the content is the same and participants who successfully complete the program are awarded a Grenoble DBA degree.

Pierre-Yves SANSEAU

The Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) program is divided into two stages:

DBA Program organization; from workshops to thesis.

  • Philosophy, Methods and Tools (18 to 24 months)

    DBA students start by learning methods and techniques for research design, data collection, and data analysis in order to conduct, analyze, author, and publish research that meets doctoral standards. Students complete a series of four to six research training workshops that are held in Grenoble and partner countries.

    Between workshops, students prepare a detailed research thesis proposal, complete a pilot study, and perform individual research and research fieldwork under the direction of doctoral supervisors. In order to proceed to Stage II, students are required to produce three pieces of written work. These include:

    • An extended research proposal (1,500 to 4,000 words);
    • A comprehensive publishable literature review (5,000 to 20,000 words); and
    • A preliminary thesis (15,000 to 30,000 words).

    Successful completion of Stage I leads to the awarding of the Certificate in Research in Management Sciences.

  • The DBA research and thesis portion of the program consists primarily of individual research under the supervision of a qualified professor who has an international reputation in technology management, business innovation, and organizational change management and provides a broad range of subject-area expertise.

    The DBA thesis should exhibit substantial evidence of original scholarship that meets publishing standards and provides useful managerial recommendations.

    DBA candidates are required to show their ability to conduct original investigations; test, apply, and examine their own and others’ ideas ; and understand the relationship between their themes and wider fields of knowledge.
    Candidates may be required to identify current issues and apply relevant theories for problem solving.

Each DBA candidate is assigned to and supervised by a research-active professor from Grenoble Ecole de Management or a partner institution.

400 + graduates / 1400+ intellectual contributions/ 25+ doctoral experience/ GEM : DBA European pioneer

    • Understand state-of-the-art research in their fields of study;
    • Acquire the necessary understanding and expertise in methods and techniques for research design, data collection, and data analysis;
    • Conduct, write, and disseminate high -quality-doctoral-level research;
    • Achieve a greater level of effectiveness as a professional practitioners in managing technology, innovation, and change; and
    • Gain legitimacy as researchers and faculty members in both academic and non-academic environments

Companies that choose to sponsor Grenoble Ecole de Management DBA candidates benefit directly from their research and studies. Each candidate conducts doctoral research on current business and management issues that are often based on their companies' current and anticipated needs. Additionally, companies can keep valuable managers on board while they pursue their doctoral degrees in this part-time program.

    • Antalya International University
    • California Lutheran University
    • Copenhagen Business School
    • Durham College
    • ESDES Business School
    • Florida International University
    • HEC Montreal Business School
    • Hong Kong Institute of Technology
    • International University in Geneva
    • Lebanese American University
    • Menlo College
    • Newcastle University
    • Southern University at New Orleans
    • Universidad de Monterrey
    • University of Michigan
    • University of Phoenix

Holders of Grenoble doctoral degrees are eligible to apply for academic positions in most international universities and institutions of higher education. Many alumni from our doctoral programs currently hold tenured positions in accredited business schools worldwide. We recommend that graduates check eligibility requirements and recognition of the DBA prior to applying for a position.

    • Allibert-Trekking
    • Booz Allen Hamilton
    • China Pacific Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
    • Credy Banka
    • Ericsson
    • Fluor
    • Ingénieurs du Monde
    • Nexans
    • PSA Peugeot Citroen
    • Quantar Solutions Ltd.
    • LLC
    • Terex Corporation

DBA program candidates are recruited from all over the world. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds—the sciences, humanities, and technical and engineering fields. Generally, they are high-level professionals, such as managers or executives with advanced degrees in business disciplines.

Admission and application procedures differ depending on which program you wish to attend:

Valérie Sabatier, Director Of The Doctoral School 

DBA Impact

Since 1993, our DBA research program has been actively connecting businesses and academic communities in order to enact change and promote progress through original and rigorous research.

Our DBA students’ research influences managerial and organizational milieus at the highest level. Each student’s thesis includes a chapter dedicated to the managerial implications of their doctoral research and offers relevant recommendations for organizations to overcome key challenges.

DBA students and graduates are encouraged to share their results and findings with the widest possible audience in order to inform and engage with their peers, organizations, and communities.

With a strong focus on dissemination to business and academic audiences, the combination of relevance and rigor in our DBA research supports our reputation in the management of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.