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Doctoral Serious Games

Improving the Doctoral Experience with Serious Games. 

GEM’s Doctoral School is quite committed to improving doctoral guidance and pastoral care.


In 2017, GEM developed SuperWisor, a serious game for doctoral supervisors. It aims to improve the multifaceted supervisor-supervisee relationship to enhance students’ successful reaching of their goals. More than 50 doctoral supervisors have been trained, and their feedback has been very positive.

SuperWisor Was the Bronze Award winner in the Executive Education category at Re-Imagine in 2018.

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Doctoral Quest

Builing on this expertise and GEM’s innovative Playground, we have designed Doctoral Quest, a serious game to be played by doctoral students to facilitate their journey. A doctoral program is probably the most enageing program for a student. Beyond their academic objectives, doctoral programs are highly demanding in terms of duration, student’s workload and self-commitment.
A gamified approach appears to be a soft way to raise issues and give doctoral students the keys to facilitating their journeys. This has led to designing Doctoral Quest. 

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Updated on 01 October 2021 at 2h11 pm