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Yongkang Huang

DBA Graduate - 2020

Thesis title

Appraisal of Pledge on Intellectual Property Based on Value Analysis of Patent


Jean-Jacques Chanaron-Externe
Purpose: To establish a new system to provide a solution which reduce the subjective impact to the evaluation of intellectual property (IP) pledge. Approach: Literature reading, questionnaire, expert scoring, analytic hierarchy process and practical case method are applied. Findings: Firstly, economic factors should not be considered alone as too many influential factors of IP evaluation. Secondly, the structure of patent value analysis system can be well applied to the evaluation index system of IP pledge. Lastly, the IP pledge evaluation is not only limited to the theoretical level, but also can be fully utilized in the evaluation practice. Research limitations and implications: Different from the previous evaluation methods, this paper tries to apply the patent value analysis framework to the financing evaluation of IP pledge for the first time, which provides a new idea. However, subjective factors cannot be avoided completely in evaluation and the new system is based on AHP, which makes the operation a little tedious.Practical implications: This evaluation system is comprehensive, objective, scientific and practical. It will help to reduce the impact of subjective factors, so that the appraisers can finally make a reasonable judgment and accurate valuation. To a certain extent, it can promote the development of IP pledge and ease the difficulty of financing for small and medium-sized enterprises.Value: The evaluation system of IP pledge is established and weighted. Besides, the new system and income method are organically combined. Key words: Intellectual Property Pledge, Finance Evaluation, Income-Sharing Ratio, Patent Value Analysis Index System