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Yiqing Zhang

DBA Graduate - 2018

Thesis title

The Impact of contractual governance, fairness and inter-organizational Guanxi on extra-role altruistic behavior in marketing channel


Michel Polski
Purpose This dissertation aims to test antecedents of extra-role altruistic behavior in marketing channel. Extra-role altruistic behavior is prevalent in marketing channel, and it plays important roles in transaction relationship. However, the issue of the how do contractual governance, fairness and guanxi affect it has not yet been addressed. Design/methodology/approach This dissertation develops a conceptual model based on transaction cost theory, fairness theory and gaps in previous studies, we collect data from 457 distributors in China’s household appliance industry, and use multivariable linear regression analysis to test their hypotheses. Findings The data analysis results show that both contract complexity and contract monitoring positively affect distributors’ distributive fairness and procedural fairness. Furthermore, theses two kinds of fairness and inter-organizational guanxi positively affect distributor’s extra-role altruistic behaviors. However, guanxi strengthens the positive effect of procedural fairness on extra-role altruistic behavior, but it does not have a significant moderating effect on the relationship between distributive fairness and extra-role altruistic behavior. Research limitations/implications This study does not divide extra-role altruistic behavior as different dimensions, and collect unilateral data from the perspective of distributor in China’s household appliance industry, thus the study results may lack of generalizability with respect to industry type and transaction relationship type. Researchers are encouraged to test the antecedents and results of different dimensions of extra-role altruistic behavior, and directly test their influence mechanisms by collecting bilateral matching data, Practical implications The dissertation includes some insights and implications for managers in understanding the causes of extra-role altruistic behavior and contractual governance. It suggests firms to make a proper detail contract and to appropriately monitor the contract enforcement by their partners. Besides, the firm’s managers and boundary spanners need to fully communicate with the partners and to keep close emotional guanxi. Which increase firm’s perception of justice, and hereafter induce firm’s extra-role altruistic behavior. Originality/value This dissertation is the first to develop a conceptual model of contractual governance, fairness, guanxi and extra-role altruistic behavior in marketing channels. It is important to divide contractual governance into contract complexity and contract monitoring in China, and to explore how do these factors affect fairness and extra-role altruistic behavior. Keywords extra-role altruistic behavior; contract complexity; contract monitoring; marketing channel fairness; guanxi