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Yasaman Sadeghi

PHD Graduate - 2020

Thesis title

Understanding chnage at the intersection of history, identity and materiality


Paul Stewart

Areas of expertise

  • Social Changes
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Time and Management

Yasaman is a PhD Candidate of People, Organizations and Society at Grenoble Ecole de Management. With a special focus on cultural domains, her research explores organizing for and organizing of change, and its relation to time, materiality and identity.

This dissertation aims to explore how and why change occurs, despite the tacit inertia in organizations and societies, and the stickiness of identities, norms and routines. It focuses on how actors organize and manage for change in complex environments, and explores the antecedents, process and consequences of such efforts. It aims to answer theoretical questions derived from puzzles in organizations, fields or societies that extant literature has not sufficiently acknowledged nor explained. It draws on, and contributes to, several theoretical domains, including history, identity, and materiality, which enable studying various aspects of organizing for, and organization of, change. In doing so, this dissertation highlights the role of materiality in instigating, manifesting and reacting to change, in concert with actions, objectives and identity changes. It also provides an understanding of change as a result of individuals’ felt need for reacting to the past or the status quo, and highlights how discursive and non-discursive means can enable using history as a means for enduring or temporary change initiatives. Keywords: people; change; identity; history; materiality; creative industries
    • Research Methods for Managers - Master - from 2017 to 2018
    • Leadership and Responsible Management - Licence - from 2020 to 2020
    • Strategic Management - Master - from 2017 to 2017
    • Capstone Case in International Business - Licence - from 2019 to 2019