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Xingxing Pan

DBA Graduate - 2018

Thesis title

Impact of a performance excellent model on customer value in Chinese manufacturing enterprises


Lino Cinquini
Purpose What are the reasons for writing the thesis or what are the aims of the research? This study explores the relationship between the Performance Excellence Model(PEM) and customer value in a targeted Chinese manufacturing enterprise to discover effective ways to enhance customer value.Design/methodology/approach How are the objectives of the thesis achieved? Please include the main method(s) used for the research and how you approached the topic. Also position your research within a theoretical or subject area. The definition and composition of the PEM and customer value are presented from different perspectives. Based on the analysis of the dimensions of mediating, regulatory, and control variables, a reliability and validity scale was constructed. A descriptive, exploratory, and confirmatory factor analysis was performed on the data collected through questionnaires. From the data, a structural equation model was created to test and verify relevant hypotheses.Findings What was found in the course of the research? You can use the key points from your thesis analysis, discussion, or results. The results showed the PEM has a significantly positive direct influence on customer value. The PEM also has indirect effects upon customer value through market orientation and innovation orientation. This demonstrates that, when introduced and implemented correctly, the PEM is an effective method and tool for an organization’s comprehensive performance management.Research limitations/implications This section should include the implications for theory and your subject area(s) as well as suggestions for future research and any limitations in the research process. This study failed to incorporate customer satisfaction and customer loyalty into the model for research. Control variables and regulatory variables that cannot be incorporated are researched in the conceptual model of the PEM and CV. Future research can further investigate additional environmental factors and control variables. Practical implications All DBA theses should have practical implications for managers and organisations. What outcomes and implications for practice, applications, and consequences does the thesis identify? How will the research impact upon organisations or business? What changes to practice do you recommend?The core objective of the PEM is to reinforce improvement and innovation, strengthen an enterprise’s customer awareness, set up a culture of market and innovation orientations, promote customer value, and drive organizations to constantly pursue excellence. Social implications (if applicable) What impact on society will this research have? How will it influence public attitudes, (corporate) social responsibility, environmental issues, or public or industry policy? How might it affect quality of life? Not all doctoral theses will have social implications.The PEM was introduced to China in 1990s, which is greatly improving core competitiveness. It enact the company to develop the social responsibility, deal with environmental issues. What’s more, these enterprises that embrace the PEM also actively participate in the Quality Award contests with the impetus of the government.Originality/value What is new in the thesis? State the value of the thesis and to whom.It proposes six dimensions of the PEM and five dimensions of CV and deeply explores the influence path of the PEM on customer value, Innovation in intermediate mechanism theory of the influence of the PEM on customer value and introduction to the variable of environmental influence. These are beneficial for market-orientated and innovation-oriented enterprises to focus on when analyzing the market environment, adjusting market orientation, and improving customer-value-creating ability. This study has a practical significance for enterprises to correctly introduce and implement the PEM.Keywords Up to five words Keywords: Performance Excellen