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Xiaogang Qi

DBA Graduate - 2016

Thesis title

Research on default behaviors in agricultural products transaction in China


Qiang Su
Purpose: In China, high default ratio in agricultural production transaction is a conspicuous problem in the development of agriculture industrialization. It has become a main obstacle of China’s agricultural economy development. Which factors influence default behavior and how to interact with each other in transaction, and how to prevent and predict default behavior are the key purpose of this study. Literature research, empirical analysis, and case study are used in the research. The research model and hypotheses are proposed according to literature research and interview. The hypotheses are verified through empirical analysis. Case studies further improve the research conclusion. Findings: In external factors, product standard universality and acceptance standard universality most readily lead to opportunism tendency. Relational psychological contract violation has higher influence on default intention than transactional psychological contract violation. Independence perceiving has the greatest influence on default intention among the factors of psychological contract violation, distrust perceiving and independence perceiving. Serious reputation crisis exists in China’s agricultural product transaction. E-platform intervention has strong influence on agricultural product transaction behavior. The study can verify the applicability of TPB model to agricultural product transaction behavior in Chinese cultural background. Limitations of the study are as follows: natural disaster factor is not analyzed in the research model; product natural attributes, chain reactions of default behavior in supply chain, and characteristics of various agricultural B2B business models are not considered in the research. Besides, the sample has its limitation. They are the issues of further study. Suggesting government together with large E-platform intermediary organizations should establish universal product standard, regulate the acceptance procedure through transaction rules, and emphasize the influence of traders’ psychology factors on improving contract fulfillment ratio. They should also quicken the support and supervision of intermediary organizations based on third-party E-platform. Moreover, transaction environment purification, corruption eradication, and reputation force enhancement are urgent. Originalities: The study is based on TPB model and refers to literatures on ethology, contract fulfillment theory and agricultural product transaction behavior, etc. It combs the external factors of transaction from the perspectives of transaction characteristics and transaction environment, imports internal negative psychology factors based on psychological contract theory and market psychology theory, analyses the connections among all factors and how they influence default intention and default behavior. It provides a new perspective for study on default behavior in agricultural transaction. Key words: agricultural products transaction, agricultural prod