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Wenqiang Zhang

DBA Graduate - 2018

Thesis title

The impact of social media on marketing performance : the case studies of China's automobile brands


Jean-Jacques Chanaron-Externe
Purpose This thesis aims to study the impact of social media on marketing performance, in today's complex media environment, it will provide new theoretical support for enterprises marketing work. Design/methodology/approach In order to fully confirm the impact of social media on marketing performance, this thesis uses quantitative and qualitative hybrid research methods, quantitative research mainly from the consumer point of view, to test the influence of social media to consumer and marketing performance, and qualitative research is based on case studies, it study how companies view, apply social media to drive marketing work. The theoretical basis of the thesis is marketing theory, and further subdivision is the relationship marketing theory in marketing theory. Findings Social media has a very important influence on marketing performance. Through quantitative research, this thesis find that social media has a profound influence on consumers from four dimensions: (1) interactivity (usability, accuracy, interaction frequency, engagement, and interaction intensity); (2) sharing (enterprise forwarding rate, initiative forwarding rate, user forwarding rate, sharing encouragement, and sharing freedom)(3) openness (authenticity, comprehensiveness, inclusiveness, timeliness, and personal information);(4) demand satisfaction (habit, reliance, safety, respect, and following performance). The qualitative part is case study, through the depth of the interview study, I found china auto company: Audi, Geely, and Chery shows the profound understanding of social media marketing on marketing work, and that’s why they carried out a large number of social media marketing activities. Research limitations/implications (1) Development of social media is not mature yet, asking for further study. (2) About sociality of social media’s influence upon the relation quality. On the one hand, further research is required concerning the influence of social media’s other attributes upon the relation quality from the mere perspective of sociality. (3) Analysis about the influence of social media’s sociality upon relation quality is not profound enough. The practical significance of this thesis is, it will provide theoretical support for “the impact of social media on marketing performance”. In the work of marketing, enterprises need to fully consider the impact of social media on marketing performance. I suggest that companies should invest more in social media marketing, in the complex marketing environment, to find sufficient elements to enhance the marketing performance. Originality/value It’s new area of media economics and marketing research, before this thesis, there’s no other paper studied the relationship of social media and marketing performance, it has a very important value to enterprises’ marketing work. Keywords Social media marketing, Relationship marketing, Social media, Marketing performance