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Weiwen Yan

DBA Graduate - 2016

Thesis title

Organizational cultural impacts on post-integration performances : the case of rexel in China


Jean-Jacques Chanaron-Externe

Weiwen Yan is a dynamic and highly motivated enterprise management professional with proven experience in business solutions and service management. He has demonstrated strong leadership skills to meet and exceed targeted profitability and growth. His success in domestic and international business includes an extensive background in management due to strong business acumen from over 20 years’ experience in successful enterprise M&A and integration management.

Purpose The Chinese market remains the top foreign destination in terms of M&A activities. However, a large majority of M&A activities have not achieved nor created the expected value in China. Therefore, the post-integration process needs to be paid sufficient attention to in order to gain a successful M&A deal. In the meantime, the organizational culture, as a non-financial variable to M&As, also needs to be taken into account as it is able to provide the useful insights which the financial variables, for example, stock prices, fail to satisfactorily explain the success or failure of a M&A deal.Design/methodology/approach This thesis adopts the six-dimension cultural framework proposed by Hofstede and his colleagues to explore the cultural characteristics and features of acquired case companies. With the extensive interview based fieldwork undertaken in China between 2014 and 2015 across three types of firms: 1) shareholding companies, 2) family business and 3) state-owned enterprises (SOEs), the thesis examines the five related themes of the post-integration performances in the acquired case companies.Findings It reveals the most likely cultural dimensions of a specific company compared with other counterparts. Also particular issues across the three types of firms have been demonstrated.Research limitations/implications First, the thesis has implications for the literature on corporate culture. It makes Hofstede’s framework of corporate culture more relevant to a specific type of firms. Second, the thesis has implications for the literature on performances during the integration process. It adopts an evolving perspective when examining the performance in the integration periods. Third, the thesis has implications for the literature on the merger and acquisition. It effectively showcases how the corporate culture in the Chinese market worked out in merger and acquisition activities.Practical implications First, the thesis helps Rexel reflect on its previous strategies by referring to this study in order to make adjustments for the future development. Second, the thesis has made contributions to the strategies of (potential) acquired companies for the integrated operations. Third, consulting companies need to pay key attention to corporate culture in the merger and acquisition business.Originality/value As the thesis examines the specific cultural impacts on each case company across three types of firms. Therefore, a comprehensive picture of the particular role and implications by organizational culture is revealed. It is useful for acquiring companies, acquired companies and consulting companies which are or are going to be involved in integration activities. Keywords Organizational culture, post-integration performances, Rexel, China