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Weihua Zhang

DBA Graduate - 2019

Thesis title

A study on the influencing factors of consumption intention of leisure farm consumers under the internet environment


Francesco Testa
Purpose The leisure farm, integrating farming experience, tourism, vacation and leisure functions, is becoming an important strategic direction of agricultural transformation. At present, although leisure agriculture in China has entered a stage of rapid development, its operating level has not kept up with the change of increasingly diversified and personalized consumer demand. Extensive development mode, insufficient cultural activities, serious homogeneity of products, poor service quality and backward marketing methods have become obstacles to the development of leisure farms. Studying the consumer intention of leisure farm can find the demand characteristics and supply shortcomings of leisure farm, which is of great significance to develop the market and accelerate the development of leisure farm. Design/methodology/approach Firstly, based on the literature research combining with actual research and interviews, this thesis established a model of influencing factors of leisure farm consumption intention including farm image, Internet marketing quality and perceived value. The scale and questionnaire of the thesis were designed based on the theoretical model. Secondly, we conducted a pilot study to test the reliability and validity of the questionnaire, and revised the items to form a formal scale. Then, we collected questionnaires from many provinces in China, and used SPSS to carry out reliability analysis, validity analysis, factor analysis, correlation analysis and regression analysis, verifying the impact of various factors on the consumption intention of leisure farms and the relationship between the factors. Findings The results show that farm image, internet marketing quality and consumer perceived value have positive effects on leisure farm consumption intention, and perceived value plays a mediating role in the relationship between farm image and consumption intention. Research limitations/implications In the future research, the influencing factors of consumers’ consumption intentions in leisure farms need to be further deepened and the consumer market of leisure farm needs to be subdivided. What’s more, the future research should use diversified methods to research leisure farms. Practical implications Farm operators should construct farm rationally to meet the leisure and entertainment needs of consumers. In addition, they should also build a well-functioning Internet marketing platform to provide consumers with rich farm information. Originality/value Past research on tourists is based on the theoretical framework of “destination image tourist?perception tourists?behavior intention”. On this basis, we consider the influence factor of the Internet marketing, and verify the positive impact of the Internet marketing on consumer behavior intention. Keywords Leisure farm; consumption intention; influence factors; Internet