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Shuangzhong Wang

DBA Graduate - 2015

Thesis title

Customer value analysis of Taekwondo customized services


Mengxia Zhang
Thanks to therapid economic increment, Chinese sports markethas been developingcontinuously. And in recent years, the booming growth of China's taekwondomarketstands out, in which the private coaching serviceshows up and begins to prevail. Being a new kind of customized service, little attentionhas been paid tounraveling private coaching serviceby researchers. As a result, there isn’t considerableknowledge regarding to taekwondoprivate coaching servicefor the time being, which forms a research gap remains to be filled. This dissertation improves our understanding of Chineseconsumers by providing a newperspective on the role oftaekwondoconsumption.Through the adoption of means-end theory, it revealshowtaekwondopractitioners’personal valuesinfluence theirdesired service consequences, whichturntoaffectperceived importance of service attributes.Specifically speaking, the correlation analysis and multiple regressionresults show that self-enhancementvalueis positively correlated with two dimensions of the desiredservice consequences, namelyemotional regulation and social promotion, both of which have a positive correlationwith the importance of good-lookingservice attribute. What’more, except for motional regulation and social promotion, we find security andprotection, another dimension of the desiredservice consequences, is positively correlated with two dimensions of service attributes, which are practicalityand personalization, respectively. Taken this together, the research illuminates the entire means-end chain of taekwondoprivate coaching consumption. In sum, taking taekwondoprivate coaching industryas the object of empirical study, this dissertationtestifies how human values, service consequencesand service attributesare linked, which sheds light on taekwondoconsumers’mentality, and provides managers with practical implications in taekwondoprivate coachingservice. Keywords: Taekwondo private coaching, customer value, means-end theory, human values, desired service consequences, perceived importance of service attributes.