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Rongxin Wang

DBA Graduate - 2007

Thesis title

a study on investment and schedule control of state-owned mega-projects


Jean-Jacques Chanaron-Externe
The whole lifespan information integration control model that this thesis proposes offers a new mode that rests on an informational basis and thus directly addresses the drawbacks associated with traditional control modes. To resolve the problem of the separation of constructors and operators in the traditional project management, this study proposes a whole lifespan information group that is created during the initial stage of the project and carries out centralized control of each stage of project implementation, then integrates the information produced by investments and schedule controls at each stage to form an intact control system. The thesis consists of three parts: (1) an introduction and literature review that expounds on the focus and motivation for this study, (2) the design and test of the whole lifespan information integration control mode, and (3) case studies. The central chapters investigate the investment and schedule control modules in the proposed mode, including an innovative proposal for investment control that consists of an analysis of bid, economy, contract, organization, supervision, and technology (Be-COST) elements. For schedule control, this study suggests a system for optimizing overall and project alteration schedules. The empirical investigation centers on the relationship between schedule control and investment control. Next, this thesis introduces the overall process information integration control method, which can be used to realize information integration processing. The case studies include a second-phase project of New Harbor City, which supports the use of the whole lifespan information integration control model by offering evidence of its successful practical usage in a real-world setting.