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Ronald Saad

DBA Graduate - 2011

Thesis title

Factors Influencing Information Systems Implementation with Emphasis on Core Banking Systems in Lebanon.
The purpose of this dissertation is to investigate and analyze the implementation of information systems in general and core banking systems in particular while addressing the challenging issues faced during such implementations and the critical factors necessary for their relative success. Empirically, the study concentrates on several such critical factors and indicates their importance and effect on the success of core system implementations in the Lebanese retail-banking context. The researcher opted for the quantitative methodology to test the research hypotheses. The pilot survey questionnaire comprised both closed- and open-ended questions administered to 20 Lebanese banks, which constitute one-third of the Lebanese retail banking population. In contrast, the field study largely replicated a similar study undertaken in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Two hundred fifteen questionnaires were mailed to 43 retail banks operating in Lebanon on the premise that, on average, each bank would provide five respondents from among its staff who actually participated in that bank’s implementation project in one role or another. The study identifies a substantial number of critical success factors in information systems implementations, namely the following: top management support, technical fit, organizational fit, strategic fit, project team competence, interdepartmental communication and cooperation, clear goals and objectives, project management, project champion, vendor support, careful package selection, dedicated resources, user training, perception of ease of use, education on new business processes, business process reengineering, minimal customization, architectural choices, change management, vendor support, and use of consultants. Among the five critical success factors that the researcher opted to study, the field survey exhibited a significant relationship between the independent variable vendor support and implementation success and weak relationships between the other factors and implementation success. The research addresses two gaps in the literature on implementation of information systems: lack of research on banking in general and the Lebanese context in particular.